Klepper kayak

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Hi there- I have an opportunity to trade for a Klepper Tramp S, RIGID kayak. I have not been able to find any information on this kayak. Does anyone know anything about it? It is approx. 16 feet and fiberglass I believe. It has a rudder system built in. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Haven’t found a Tramp, specifically,
but below are links to pictures of composite Kleppers. One link is to a dealer, and maybe they can connect you with the factory. There are so many Klepper folding kayak references that one has to rake through quite a few to find occasional hardshell Kleppers.



you might…
…pose this question at the foldingkayaks.org forum page.

Klepper kayak
Thanks for the info, it’s been very difficult to find anything on this model.

Klepper Tramp
I hope you got information on this kayak by now but I just saw your post and I can relate since I own one of these. I have a red over white Tramp II with sponsons. I has no bulkheads or rudder but it does have an aluminum bar foot rest. The seat is integrated fiberglass and is an Ivory color. I still paddle it a couple times a year. It still looks great! It was built around 1965 or so.