Klepper Rigid kayak??

HI there-Still haveing a hard time with this. I have an opportunity to trade for a rigid Klepper Tramp S kayak. I have not seen it physically but have been told it is approx. 16 feet long and fiberglass, with a built in rudder. I have seen pictures and it looks to be in decent shape, though stored outside I think. Can anyone tell me more about this? I cannot find any info online about Kleppers rigid kayaks, though on craigslist someone is selling a 12 foot fiberglass Klepper for $150. What are the potential problems with a fiberglass kayak that may be 30 years old? Thanks in advance .

If the boat has been stored out of the
sun, then its age is of no consequence. Of course there are things they didn’t know about resins and layup back then, but I still own some FG boats of similar age, and I have confidence in them.

There’s also the issue of design. Klepper is a smart company, but the design is old. You have to satisfy yourself that it will do what you need for it to do. One of my really old boats has an almost timeless design, while the other has a sort of groundbreaking design that has some significant vices. You see what I mean. A ten year old plastic Necky might be better for you.

Klepper Tramp S
Hi, I’m selling a Klepper Tramp S in great shape. It has been stored indoors. It’s 14 feet and Yellow and White. It’s condition makes this Kayak a rare find. I’d be happy to tell you about this boat.