Klunky navigation

I know this has been brought up several times, but why after this much time does the website remain so almost impossible to work through–especially if you’re using a mobile device? One has to wonder why the tablet version has to be different from the “full” computer version. I can manage to make them both work, but it shouldn’t have to be so difficult to find your way around. In particular, on the mobile device version, you really have to know how to get to the Message Boards from wherever you might find yourself. It shouldn’t be a search and find game. Lately, just logging in seems to be redundant at best and really shouldn’t be necessary if you have the “remember me” box checked.

I know, I know–one shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but I wonder how many folks have just quit out of frustration. I really don’t mean this to sound like a rant–hopefully someone will take it as a constructive review.

I find the classifieds much more difficult to use than the old way. They are what brought me here years ago for the first time. In fact I don’t even use them now because of that. The same for the reviews. About the only thing I use now is the discussion forum. C’est la vie!

I access the site with my iPad Mini 4. “Recent discussions” was bookmarked as a favorite; touching that icon immediately brings me here. Only if I clear cookies and cache do I need to sign in again. Still on iOS 10.3.3 until I have time to upgrade and explore the new iOS 11.?? (whatever it’s at now).

Using Android is a lot clunkier. Lots of menu layers to get through and the final interface not as elegant as iOS.

I have iOS 11 on my phone, and window 7 on my pc. Don’t have trouble with the forums as that is my go to page on both.

The old layout of classifieds and reviews were easy to find what you wanted. Not so much now. But hey I basicly have the boats I need so can forgo those features here these days.

I have iOS 11.1.1 on my phone and pad, and Win 10 on my PCs. While this website is nowhere near as slick as many most of the places I visit, I can get through it fairly easily with the help of a bookmark or two.

There again, I almost never go to anything other than a couple of categories in this forum.