Knee pads in a Penobscot

After a difficult paddle in 20 mph winds last weekend (with my 12 year old daughter in the bow) I really missed having knee pads to lower my center of gravity and to give me more power.

I bought a set for pads form Bell canoe and they came with a tube of performix vyna bond glue. Any advice from other on how to use this adhesive or if ther is a better one.

Thanks in advance.

Ditch the glue-ins…
…get a kneeling pad instead. No muss, no fuss, no permanent placement, no hull defacement. Do a search on this - it’s been discussed many times. My two cents worth. – Randall

Contact cement
Nothing wrong with vynabond so long as you faithfully follow the instructions.

But kneepads generally don’t need to be glued in that tight. Weldwood contact cement in the red can will work fine, is more forgiving and, if you decide to take them out will be easier to remove.

My 2 cents worth…
I totally agree with Arkay.

The only time I use glue in knee pads anymore is in whitewater solo canoes.

Bell’s large sized kneeling pad is the way to go, in my opinion. Use it in multiple, different canoes.


Thanks for the ideas and opinions
I use my canoe for wilderness tripping in the BWCA the most and I hate having to lash multiple things down at portages. I think I will try the contact cement to begin with.

I agree
with that. I am tall and I like my knee pads spread as wide as I can get them. That means I would need a really big kneeling pad. When you are not kneeling you have your feet on it and in my experience the end up getting muddy or gritty, especially if you are fishing or picking up trash as you go. I prefer to just glue in the curved pads were they are are comfy for me and keep the rest of the deck in front of me free of foam so I can wipe it down with a sponge.