knee pads

Any ideas on removing mini cell knee pads from a royal-x hull? I used contact cement to install them. I should have “measured twice, cut once” because I now must reposition them, only an inch or so.

Maybe a putty knife under them try to chip them up. Could use a hair dryer to warm them up, not too warm because it’ll soften the RX if it’s too hot.

Maybe add a couple more strips
instead of trying to remove and reposition them?

Toluol Maybe?
Use very sparingly and wash off with water to prevent any lasting damage, but it will dissolve the adhesive.

I tried-lord knows I tried…
to remove some from a kevlar canoe.

What I ended up doing was cutting them out as close to the kevlar as I could get without cutting into it.

The residue used to look like hell, but over the years it has pretty much all worn off from the grit that gets rubbed on it.

That is why I know use Marine Goop. It gives you a little “wiggle” time.

Jack L

hairdryer or heatgun on low, then just
have a nice, cool non-alcoholic drink handy to sip…cuz you have to give it time, then when begins to giveway…continuously use the putty-knife. Even though on low heat…keep moving the dryer/gun. 20-30min…just to get the softening started…is not extroardinary but it will come off clean without damage.


Ah’ jus’ done it…
Used a flexibool putty knife, then a paint scraper, then some 60 or larger grit sandpaper, then a cabinet scraper an’ then some denatured alcohol. Didn’t git everything off but good enough.

I Velcro mine in so I can move them…
It’s not really Velcro though. Its an all plastic material on both sides, waterproof.

For future reference…

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Do yourself a favor & check out the kneeling pads made by Cooke Custom Covers.

They wouldn't work in a whitewater boat with a saddle, but I get the feeling you aren't talking about a whitewater canoe.


consider adding more minicell
… rather than repositioning. It’s a lot easier.

You might find like I did
that the above works very well. I had so much sand worked in there that it the putty knife worked miracles.