Knee position SOT

I recently got a journey 10 ss SOT kayak from Wal-Mart, just to see if I might like being on the water. Turns out, I love it, but I have a question about body position. The kayak is 10 feet, and I’m 6 feet 2 inches. When I sit on it and try to paddle, my knees stick up pretty far and I have a hard time paddling. If I paddle behind my knees, I can’t get any power, and paddling in front feels better but is a bit too much of a stretch. Would a longer kayak make a difference? I’m very interested in buying one that fits me better so I don’t have to have such a steep angle while paddling. Also, I did move the pegs, and even removed them completely, which took away all of the knee bend and made me feel really unstable.

I’m happy that you like the sport. Get rid of the pool toy and get a real SOT. You are way too tall for anything less than 12’ and if you are over 200 lb, you need a 14’
I am 6’5", 230 lb. with a 35" inseam. The only SOT I have paddled that I did not have to remove the foot braces to fit in was a Stellar 18’ surf ski.
I typically remove the foot braces and glue in minicell pieces to fit properly. As you have noticed, you need something to push against.
There are several SOT that will fit you comfortably. Look at WS Tarpons, Hobie Quest, Eddyline Carribean, and whatever the Native is called.
They are all heavy except the Carribean, but you pay a lot for less weight.