Knee Tubes???

Hi ! Does anyone know of where you can buy an aftermarket knee tube that works well?? Please e mail me at with any info. Thanks!

and then tell the rest of us

If weight is an issue
You can get filament-wound fiberglass tubes from model rocketry suppliers. Not cheap, but very strong for their weight.

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what are we scrolling down to?
I wasted 10 minutes on that site

interested, please be more specific

Recent discussion…
…took place at West Coast Paddler.

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kajaksport has one.
i believe it’s a.b.s. and you epoxy it in place. nice little ks hatch on it too.

btw: kneetubes are great but check your cockpit dimensions first. they’re definitely more practical in boats with smaller cockpits. (

i am planning on getting
a ks minbox…and had posted here about 2 weeks back asking if anyone else would want/need one…can split the shipping…

i had talked to the “Export manager” there and he told me that as far as he knows there are zero miniboxes for sale in the US…

there are actually 4 mini boxes now…two sizes open in the cockpit…and two open upwards through the deck (means you have to add a hatch in your deck)…

drop me a line and i can tell you $ etc if you want…

goes for anyone out there…


Can you just post the sizes and prices?

Also would it be possible to have both hatches? Top plate for the top hatch version mated to bottom from the front hatch versions?

the new minibox is
just a blister looking thing…so you have to provide the opening…

but yeah i was thinking of having a dual entry box…get the normal box with rubber hatch and then pop a hole inthe deck…would work well as far as i can tell…

KS boats have that as does the new PH Ceres boat…

that was what got me thinking about it…

the price that i was given was: 35E for the standard box (with hatch) and 18E for priority shipping from Finland…

the second/newer box is not on their webiste

yet…i can email a picture if requested…


direct from Marko:

Actually we have 2 different type of miniboxes

  1. in this type of minibox the hatch is in the end of the box. So it is used from inside the keyhole. (this means you have to open your spraydeck when you want to use it.
  2. In this type it is like we have in Marlin or Infinity kayaks. It is used on the deck, but this also need rim and cover installed on kayak deck. (quite demanding from the deck construction)

    Type 1: we have two different sizes

    Size A: length 57,5 cm, front breadth 29,5 cm, back breadth 18 cm, arc height per side 1,5 cm, total height 15 cm

    Size B: length 44 cm, front breadth 28,5 cm, back breadth 20,5 cm, arc height per side 2,0 cm, total height 15 cm

    Type 2: we have also two different sizes

    Size A: length 51 cm, front breadth 28 cm, back breadth 12 cm, arc height per side 1 cm, total height 14 cm

    Size B: length 53 cm, front breadth 29 cm, back breadth 12 cm, arc height per side 1 cm, total height 15 cm

    btw: the hatch that is in the standard minibox is a KS Size 10 (10cm) good for a hand…


anyone else interested???just checking