Kneeling pack canoe?-Yes


I posted last spring on advice finding a lightweight pack canoe I could paddle fron a slanted seat keeling. After persuing all ideas,I decided such a thing didn’t exist and bought a Hornbeck-a great boat and used it on some trips very sucessfully.but I longed to be kneeling with a single paddle on those remote twisty streams in the ADKs.

After more research I ordered a Savage River Wee Lassie last fall set up for kneeling.John Diller assured me it would do what I wanted,so I took a big chance and ordered one sight unseen.I was wating to post until I got back from my big packboat trip in the ADKs to fully test it-It worked great!16# and it does what I wanted.The upper Osswagochie was a blast to paddle-like driving a sports car on a twisty road… I will write a review on this boat with more details.


Sometimes you have to go away from conventional paddling techniques/styles and do your own thing. And if JD says it will work, I’d trust him.