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I am looking for a kneeling pad that also floats and floats well. I would like it to be “approx” 1 inch thick by 12 inches wide by 2.5 ft in length. It needs to be flexable enough to contour to the bottom of my canoe and floatable (floatable like a PFD you sit on - those type).

Does anyone sell such a piece of gear? Where? What I am discribing is similiar to a non-inflatable paddle float for kayakers, only larger and somewhat flexable.

If I had to make one, what floatant material would I need to look for? I can always cover it with plastic locally.

Thanks and thanks for all the fire ideas. Case.

Have You Thought
of just using a regular boat cusion? You can get a USCG approved throwable cusion at any boat store.


should do the trick.

knee pad

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John R Sweet
has 1/2" thick neopreen, and glue. Make a nice one.

I have the Bell "T" pad and I like it, I think you could make one just the size you like for a fraction of the cost.

Not sure I understand…

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This is something you are going to use primarily for a kneeling pad? Or something you would use as a kneeling pad, and it would also provide some floatation for yourself, perhaps in place of a pfd?

If you're only use is as a kneeling pad I suggest you go to the Buyers Guide Assesories.
Search till you find Bell knee/kneeling pads.
They have one that is 34"x10" in size, made of closed cell foam, with polyester facing & non-skid rubber backing. Have never used that particular model, but I do use Bell's T shaped kneeling pad that is made of the same material.
It will pad your knees, lower legs & ankles. Stays in place fairly well, even when wet. Very flexible & it floats. I use it all my boats which aren't outfitted for whitewater, and love it.


PFDs and legal requirements

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Non-wearable PFDs, including boat cushions, are no longer legal as your sole type of floatation aid. You can use them for some other purpose, but they do not meet legal requirements for personal floatation. Since you need to have a wearable PFD in the boat with you to start with, I see no reason to worry about how "well" your kneeling pad floats.

By the way, I use a Bell kneeling pad (a smaller size than what uses) and am happy with it. I actually wouldn't like it to be as thick as what you describe. I wouldn't want my knees to rest higher off the bottom of the boat, or on something with that much more ability to "wiggle" or "squirm", reducing the amount of control at that critical contact point.

I second that.
that is what just about all the canoe kneeling pads are made from.

You can get it in just about any size from 1/4" thick sheets right up to thick blocks.

I have some sheets right now that are a inch thick, and when my wife is kneeling she uses one.

We have some Canadian made PFD’s (expensive, but not USCG approved) that are made from sheets of it. They have a velcro closure and you can put in or take out the sheets as desired to make them thicker or thinner.



Thanks for the suggestion. I looked up minicell on the Internet and think (from the pics) that the produce is too stiff. What I want is the same material that is contained in a float cushion. It is sligtly soft (for kneeling) and bendable (follow the canoe bottom shape) , but floats. I need it in a size bigger than the standard float cushion (note Approx 2.5 ft length). I will look up the cushion on the Internet and see what I can find.