Kneeling Pads

I recently went to a Safety Fair at work and saw a product called “SoftKnees Kneeling Pads”. They are designed for work men/women who kneel during the work day. They don’t have straps, and they fit in pockets sewn in work pants. I got a sample of the material and it looks like it would work well for kneeling in my canoe. Anybody use these either on the job or in your boat? I figure I could always sew some pockets in my paddling pants; I sunburn too badly to wear shorts!

I don’t do a lot of kneeling when canoeing because I’ve got really bad knees, but there are times when it is the best thing to do. At those times I just grin and bear it. I’ve used the commercial pads before (maybe 3/4" closed cell foam), and I’ve tried knee pads that I wear. I don’t want to add the pads permanently because I really don’t use them that often, so removable ones look pretty attractive.


Kneeling Pads

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Cabela's has hd work pants with knee pockets that accept knee pads, been thinking of getting some of these myself.

search for skillers pants

Your profile sez yoyu are apparently NOT a WW paddler. My biggest beef with non-attached kneepads in WW is that you slide around tto much, but that should not be a problem for you. Have you considered a Crazy Creek Chair? You could use it for kneeling, and they make one that straps to the seat for sitting, and you can lounge in it during a lunch break.


not for ww …
I should have said I’m a touring paddler, almost exclusively paddling on lakes and slow moving rivers. I really only need to kneel when the wind gets high and I need the extra stability and control. That’s why I’m interested in knee padding that is easily removed.

As for the Crazy Creek chair, I use a variation of it now on my canoe seat and in camp. I’ve also used just a plain closed-cell foam pad, cut from a camping pad, as knee padding, but it is just too thin for comfort. The pads I saw at the safety fair were much thicker. My old knees are not in the shape they used to be !

BTW: The website is

They’ve also got a kneeling pad that looks interesting too, but I think I’d prefer something attached to me so I don’t have to pack it during portages.



I went to the site, and I have to admit they are interesting. Got me to thinking that it would be easy to add a set of pockets to your pants, and then cut foam to fit. I don’t know what type of “camping pad” you have tried, but REI sells a blue foam (Volara maybe?) pad that I have been using for various padding jobs. It is very light, closed-cell, and fairly dense, and at 3/8" thick would not be too bulky. Could be doubled for more comfort.

Good luck.


Kneeling pads
My two cents worth would be to simply put a removable kneeling pad in your boat rather than messing around with pads that you wear in your pants. A kneeling pad will offer cushioning not only for your knees, but for your legs and ankles as well. Think simple.

I have to agree
I use very inexpensive gardening knee pads in my boats. I have a few of them in different sizes but most are abut 1 inch think. They weigh nothing and also insulate from cold. Since they have a handle, you can connect them to you boat so they do not get lost and you do not have to carry them seperatly.