kneeling with a wenonah bucket seat

anyone figured out a good way of kneeling with a wenonah bucket slider? i’ve got one in my rob roy and love it for sit-n-switch. i have discovered, however, that kneeling into a headwind or tidal current is more efficient at times than sitting. i’ve tried a few pads, etc. but haven’t yet figured out a comfortable way of dealing with the pedistal and seat configuration. thanks.

I have no personal experince with
the sliding seat, but a pal of mine had the larger of the seats available from WeNoNah and he trimed his down, liked it better…

Wenonah Seats
I sometimes kneel in my Wenonah Advantage with the pedestal seat. It has the older version, smaller kevlar seat which you could retrofit if your pedestal has the big plastic tractor seat. It is the seat they still use in their marathon canoes.This seat is easier to clear with your legs to the sides of the pedestal.I also raised the back of the seat slider tubes a bit (1/2 to 3/4") which lends a bit of a forward sloping cant to the seat itself. This actually provides a more natural feel while sitting or while kneeling. I also glued in some small knee pads for timed a spend kneeling, which is usually only in boat chop or high winds. Good luck.

i’ve got the small seat, although it’s glassed straight to the forward/back pipes and doesn’t have those cross bars that raise the seat an inch or so. maybe i should cant the seat a bit. are you sitting directly on the bucket seat when kneeling?

Possible DIY solution…
I own a Tuffweave Wenonah Solitude with a sliding pedestal style bucket seat. I almost always kneel while paddling. I have made two separate kneeling pads that are very comfortable and practical. I took two gardener-style, closed-cell foam pads, and laminated a piece of a suction cup shower mat to each. I used J-B Weld to laminate the mat to the pad. I purchased the pad at Home depot for $3:

and I purchased the bath mat at K-mart:

Very easy, cheap and totally effective. If you wet the suction cup before installing the pads, they will hold on during a portage. I’ve used them in my Royalex Tandem, and they stick well in it too.

Anyway with two pads, my but rests on the tractor seat, and my knees are on either side on the pads. I find it very comfortable. I wasn’t able to quite picture your set-up, but I hope this helps.


Kneeling in a tandem with buckets works
fine as long as the seat height is correct.

exact nature of the problem?

Is the seat too low for you to kneel comfortably, or are you just wondering what to put your knees on?

If the seat is too low, you can just carry a small chuck of minicell or something else that you can slap on top of the seat when you kneel.

If you need kneeling pads, I usually just put some of the long self-adhesive pads in and run them alongside the seat.

Excellent thread
Gettin’ lots of good ideas to try in both of my tractor seat C-1’s. Still think I’ll need to head to shore before switching from one position to the other.

seat height mainly
i like the seat’s current height for sns paddling. i’ve tried placing some foam or whatnot on the bucket seat when kneeling. just haven’t found anything i really like yet. the knees aren’t a problem as i use knee pads or put some foam in the bottom of the boat.

Same problem here in a couple of boats. The tractor seat was a bit too low for me to kneel comfortably, but I could never figure out something simple and comfortable that gave me a little more kneeling height. If you figure something out, I’d appreciate it if you’d post your solution.


will report back on monday
i’m going to try to rig up something with an old foam sleeping pad. will report back on my experiment next week. thanks again for the help.