Knicks & gouges in wood paddles

I have repaired a number of cracks, and even a delamination in an emergency using NT’s Crazy Glue trick.

I was wondering if anyone had tried this: For seeper gouges, how about sanding the hole, and then packing it with dry fine sawdust. Smooth (slick) the packed sawdust with a knifeblade, and then saturate the dust with Crazy Glue.

Anyone with experience? And don’t tell me to use West System - I have limited shop facilities, and am only looking to do small repairs.


Wood flour…
from sanding and 5 minute epoxy. Mix ‘em up an’ fill dem gouges up. Works good!

Fat Elmo

Have had some success with…
I have had some success with removing dents in wood by letting some water soak into the wood at the dent, then heating the soaked dent with a hot air gun.

The steam will swell the wood fibers in the dent and push some of the dent back out.

In soft wood, I have had great luck. Harder wood takes a little more work.

It all depends on how deep the dent is, and how eaily it is to get a little water into the wood fibers.

A drop of dish detergent in the water removes the surface tension, and lets the water soak in easier. Just a tiny bit will do.

Absolutely works
I put a serious dent in the shaft of my GP last year when I slipped while boarding and the shaft wedged against the coaming. Actually broke fibers. I used wet heat (a clothes iron) and then the NT cyanoacrylic wicking trick, and all was well. Ugly, but repaired.


And no snide remarks about my having a clothes iron. Away from P-Net functions I am a suave cultured man about town.