knife giving

what is the taboo when giving a knife to someone , I foregot the “get something” from them an they cut themselves . Where did this come from , have only heard it in white society . Thanks --M

According to Chinese belief
The giving of a knife will sever a relationship between the giver and receiver.

whenever you get a knife as a gift it is customary to ‘pay’ something for it. In our circle a penny works, then the friendship can continue.

superstitions are funny, until they become true.



Superstitions continued…
Stemming from the same idea of “severing the relationship”: In the Jewish tradition, it’s bad luck to receive knives as a wedding gift. In case someone should give knives, the bride should transform the exchange into a financial transaction by giving a penny or nominal sum for the knives.

The edge
This “Give the knife donor a coin” was a source of foreshadowing in the Anthony Hopkins movie “The Edge”. Some aspects of the movie were a bit implausible, but nevertheless it was great to watch.

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When given a knife you should give the giver a coin. I have no idea qwhere it came from

If the reciever doesn’t give the giver a
coin, the knife will cut the friendship.

Other Jewish tradition - Bad luck
to give wine to a moil.

Giving a knife
Giving a single knife for individual personal use (not a set of kitchen knives) is a sign of great trust in the one you give it to. They are in effect placed in you inner circle - part of your tribe. Gifting such a tool also shows you have deep concern for their continued well being -as knives are most often used for both defensive and food (or food gathering tool) preparation - all life sustaining purposes.

The gift of a knife is a very high honor is many cultures. A wonderful meaningful gift, but best given one to one - friend to friend - for it’s own sake - not as a wedding gift, to mark a Holiday, etc.

Those who still have a place for good steel in their lives will instinctively understand, but in a society of largely unarmed, non-self sufficient, and even non-tool using people - these things get misinterpreted and lost over time. I doubt my girlfriend would understand the significance without some explanation.