Knife recommendations

I’m looking to replace the old and no longer usable emergency knife I carry attached to my pfd when kayaking. Right now I have my eye on a Tusa FK-11 diving knife. Anyone have recommendations re this or other knives? Thanks.

emergency knife?
I’m guessing you’re talking about something to lash to the PFD for emergencies. One knife that came out in the last year or so is from Buck. I think it’s called the Tiburon. Looks very practical. There’s also a couple of rescue hooks from Benchmade that seem as though they’d do the job. Benchmade also makes the H20. I carry a Gerber Rivermaster. For the most part, dive knives are a little heavy. Benchmade also makes a neck-style knife that seems pretty cool. Other makers offer neck-style knives too, which I’d recommend lashing to a PFD like a regular knife if you were to go that route.

That one was on my short list…
… but found an Aeris Silverjack locally.

I like the way the curved handle on the TUSA indexes one side from the other better, and The Silverjack is not too sharp out of the box, but so far so good. It is a nice size for PFD.

Both of these had the features I wanted:

Blunt tip

Half serrated

Line hook

Small & light

Fixed blade

Now if only they’d make either of these, or one with same basic layout - in Titanium…

Gerber EZ-OUT
Check out the Gerber EZ-Out; it is a small folding knife with a clip that makes it ideal for attaching to your PFD. It also features a thumb catch that allows you to open the knife with one hand.

Gerber anything!!!
Here ya go…

Search the archives with the search archive button located at the top of the page. This subject comes up about 3 times a year, there is alot of info in the archives.

Paddle easy,


If you paddle salt water
then you will want to look at the Benchmade H20. They are rust proof, not simply rust resistant. Great edge, nice size for a PFD. I tried their rescue hook, but could not find a way to provide a very secure attachment for big surf zone impacts. The gerbers rust up easily if not careful.


If you want to go Minimalist, the…
Myerchin Shark is a capable safety knife:

The sheath is very secure and easy to lash onto a PFD. I put a couple of wraps of friction tape on the handle area since it’s all brushed stainless.



Emesron Lagriffe WWR

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(edit ) thats emerson lagriffe. Tiny blade about 1.25 inch, overall about 3.75 really sharp (nothing fron the majors comes out of the box this sharp) best price from one get the teclok accessory and it goes on a pfd strap like nothing
Cost might be up to 55 now.

Use it only for rescues and you'll never saw on a rope. Cant say that about an out of the box gerber riverrunner no way.

Anything benchmade is also going to be really nice but probabbly even more $$

from an ex knife collector.

And of course you really should be carrying emt shears fron a scuba shop instead. cut a thin metal cable, cut a plastic boat and do it one handed.

but knives are nice.

that’s exactly the type of neck knife i was referring too. looks like it would do a nice job as a rescue knife outside of puncturing a poly hull. and most people here don’t paddle serious whitewater anyway.

Benchmade Model 6 H2O Rescue Hook
I gave up on knives a couple of years ago. I tried several and they were either too bulky, rusted badly and/or were not secure in their sheaths. After having a few come out of their sheaths and flop around alarmingly during rescues, I switched to a rescue hook. The original Benchmade Rescue Hook rusts badly, but the new Model 6 H2O doesn’t and it’s easier to grip with gloves on. The hook cuts though cord, rope and fishing line in a heartbeat, but can’t disembowel you if it dislodges from its sheath. Mine has never come loose, even when playing in surf or practicing rescues.

I’m strictly a sea kayaker and have never needed to use a knife or rescue hook in earnest. If you’re a whitewater paddler, I can see the need for a knife. On open water, they seem pretty useless. I do carry a knife in my day gear, in case I need to spread peanut butter or slice cheese.

CRKT Bearclaw
Available in several blade configurations.

wenoka z-lock
the old ones when blackie collins had designed them. the newer ones made by seaquest are garbage. a stainless steel spring button locking system which actually works, the knife comes apart for cleaning, and holds up forever. they range in sizes from small like you would want to dinosuar killers sword size. a variety of blade confiigurations almost all have line cutters. trouble is they can be hard to find since they aren’t manufactured anymore. {ebay occasionally has a few}if you can find one it will last forever.

Ocean Master folder
Ocean Master makes a titanium folder for around $60 that will never rust. Try or other dive equipment web sites.


for me
anything with a blunt tip.

big knife
for a PFD. I take it that Impala means the type of game you’re looking to skin with that honkin’ dive knife :wink:

Medical scissors
For non whitewater situations, as less experience in this realm than some here, I find medical blunt tip scissors have more benefit to risk ratio for me. When I review the types of situations I would need them for, I find they are easy to access than a knife. I am less likely to impale myself when using it. During rolls and exits less likely to get in the way or whack myself. I am sure many here find this not true for them and I may very well have overlooked some things, but so far this seems better for me.

How do you attach your rescue hook
to your PFD? I lost two of them and finally gave up and went to the Benchmade H20 knife. I could never figure out how to tether the hook so that if I needed it I would quickly be able to detach it. The clip never held it securely enough that I didn’t lose it. The H20 has a locking mechanism that is quick and easy to release and holds securely.

Best choice about a knife !

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That is a very personnal issue.

As far as I am concerned, the best knife I had, is a very traditionnal one, made by Case.

Excellent fit to my hand, excellent materials, leather handle, outstanding steel blade, sharp and durable edge.

Well, I stupidly lost mine, years ago.
I hope it's still available from Case, since then, I've not seen any better.

BTW I know nothing about knifes that look good on a pfd.

They rust in salt water
and the steel does not compare to the Lagriffe WWR, (from which it was knocked off. Tha handle makes is comfy too use but the finger hole is smaller(do you paddle with gloves). Besides if I use the rescue knife it is liable to be for only a few seconds so comfort is not a factor.

OTOH the CRKT bearclaw is about half the price so…

Not the big one!
Yeah … the big straight blade would be overkill. I was referring to the “SERVER” a small and very light folder that would easily fit a PFD pocket. Impala is my ride not my prey! Bob