Knife sharpening

I have a gerber river shorty on my PFD,Luckly I never needed to use it.

The serations dont seem that sharp,I always figured that when the adrenaline starts pumping it wouldnt matter how dull they are.

I can sharpen straight blades,But I never did a serated blade.

Is it recomended or advisable to sharpen a river knife?


fine rattail diamond file for serated …
… fine (flat) diamond stone for other side … keep flat side flat as possible without beveling

Toss the Gerber
And get a Boye. Even the serrated blade can be sharpened quickly on plain flat medium ark. stone.

Seriously, many people like the sharpening systems from Spyderco for sharpening serrated blades.

The only thing close is a folding knife.

One hand to help keep your head above water,one nand to grab your knife and ask a friend to open it for you?

Folders are great; dont leave home without one or two.

But on the PFD …Straight blades are the way to travel. I will be looking for a sharpner for the serrated blade.

Thanks guys.

remintn , DMT is top quality stuff …
… here , check out the serated sharpener … (looks like a rattail file or an icepick/awl) ,

sorry about not adding a link earlier

The Spyderco Sharpmaker is the best knife sharpening systems I’ve had the pleasure of using. Very easy. Highly HIGHLY recommended. It comes with two pairs of ceramic rods (medium & fine) that are inserted in holes to pre-set the angle. There are two sets of holes: 20 degrees and 15 degrees.

The thing that makes the Sharpmaker unique is that the rods are triangular in profile, so the corner edges can be used on serrated blades (keep in mind that Spyderco makes a lot of serrated blades).

For plain-edge blades the recommended process is to start with the medium grit rods, do 20 strokes on the corner edge, rotate the rods, do 20 strokes on the flat edge, insert the fine rods, do 20 strokes on the corner edge, and then do 20 strokes on the flat edge. The result is a wonderfully sharp blade. If using a serrated blade just skip the flat edge strokes.

The Sharpmaker comes with a wonderful set of printed instructions and a DVD with video instructions. Its a first rate product.

Chain saw sharpening file
A chain saw sharpening file is your cheapest small round file you can get. They come in a few widths. Home Depot etc.

Yes, I saw them in Smokey Mtn.

Didnt have anybody say get it.

I’ll have to try their sharpener.

Thanks Guys.