Know about Struer Kayaks?


Looking at a used Struer Malik kayak. It seems to have been designed not to have foot rests or a back band, and I’m curious about paddling style and the purposes it was designed for. All information would be appreciated.


Anyone know Struer kayaks at all?

basic shell
No direct experience. But the boat looks like a basic shell that you outfit to fit yourself and paddling style. Since they also make race boats that’s not all that uncommon. Other similar builders do it the same way. Experienced paddlers often like to outfit them to fit.

Bill H.


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I have a Struer Bel Ami, billed as a flat-water touring boat of medium stability. I believe touring means something different to Danes than it does to us - it is round-hulled and so quite twitchy, even on calm water.

It has a very comfortable seat and no back band, and is clearly not meant to be used with one. The paddler position is meant to be upright with knees together, not leaning back, although the back of the coaming is pretty comfortable when relaxing. It is only marginally possible to get your knees under the deck for what I think of as normal boat control. Several advanced kayakers have tried the boat and find it very fast and not a problem, but I'm challenged by the stability level.

There is a full-width adjustable foot board with tiller steering which I personally find hard to deal with, but is pretty standard. I can't imagine paddling this boat without a foot board or pegs, so I think you would have to add them as Bill mentioned.

I think you should definitely try this boat before buying it.