Knowles Island, SC weather

I am considering a kayak trip to Knowles Island, SC and have the choice of March or April. Can any locals provide advice on expected water temperature (Do I need a wetsuit?) and bugs/mosquitoes/biting flies?

SC coast air and water
Knight, I’m surprised you didn’t get a reply from any South Carolinans. I’m in NC myself but my guidebook, Sea Kayaking the Carolinas by James Bannon, says this for average readings at Charleston, SC


high air temp 68, water temp 56, wind 10.5 mph SSW


air 76, water 65, wind 10 mph SSW

Book was published 15 years ago but those figures are probably still pretty close, even with warming, which we’ve surely felt here.

G in NC

now I know Knowles
Even though from SC, I had to google under Palm Key and was surprised its proximity to Beaufort, favorite vacation spot of lovely wife and mine.

I would not expect bugs to be an issue either month. You could time with ECCK April 20-22, about 90 minute drive away near Charleston at James Island County Park.

Plenty of great waters there too with 6 or so foot tidal range in marshes and along Broad River and Port Royal Sound.

Water temps should be in low 60’s. Dress for that and air temps between 55 and 70. The marsh mud can steal footwear and is a great haven for sharp shelled oysters.

Bugs can be bad in April.
It can be cold and/or hot in April. I camped ocean side on Capers Island last April and again in May. It was comfortable in a dry suit during the day and windy in early April, but as the wind lay down in the evening the noseeums came out in the thousands. I didn’t need a dry suit in May. The mosquitoes were there in force by then. A good tent or tight netting will work to keep you sane at night. I am not familiar with Knowles Island. Capers Island is just north of Charleston.

No-see-ums love spring.
A little breeze keeps them away and Cutter makes a spray for them.