Knu Pac Portage Frame?

Does anyone know where we can get a Knu Pac Frame? The website doesn’t seem to be functioning. Has Eric Knudsen stopped making them? We’d sure be interested if anyone has a used one to sell, since they don’t seem to be available anymore. Thanks for any info you can give J&C

simple to make your own
go to flea markets, garage sales, “play it agian sports”, or mug a boyscout, and get a used packframe for 5 or 10 or 15 bucks.

go to home depot (or the junkpile out back of your house) and find somethink like a corner bracket - 1/8" x 8" x 1" wide or so. bend that into a shape that looks like a chair without the back legs - i.e it goes up, then right, then up again

then for starters, just tape it to the upper end of the packframe uprights, to test for fit. Each canoe thwart, (or seat frame on a solo canoe) is going to be a bit different size, so you need to have an idea of the spacing/gap width you want to drop the thwart into. once you’ve go the positioning figured out, you can drill and rive the bracket to the frame, or epoxy it on, or whatever suits your fance. THe heavier the boat ou are going to carry, the sturdier the mounting, the better.

This varies from the knupack, in that the knupack has a “U” shaped crade on top of the frame uprights - my version is lower, as the top of the bracket is at the same height at the top of the fram uprighe. I’ve made 2 different versions for two of my boats, and used a third version on a differnt boat. Works fine. I haven’t even bothered to epoxy the brackets onto my frames - I’ve just used some shrink tubing and wrapped tightly with sting (as in “whipping” a rope end.

alternatively, I guess you could hunt down a knupack frame on e-bay.

I can’t take credit for my do-it-yourself version - it was written up in a mid-seventies edition of Canoe Magazine (maybe your library has it? that mag became Canoe and Kayak) this was long befor Knudson started marketing his products

had one for sale in the accessories classifieds.

knu pac frame
Did not find any in the classifieds, do you remember where? thanks

Thanks for the directions, Mike. This is probbly what we’ll wind up doing. Got any photos of yours? That’d be a big help, if you can post or pm them.

Thanks again,


I like Mattt’s plan.
I have used an old Kelty packframe with an extension bar, but not against thwarts. Instead, I throw my 15’ whitewater boat up on the extension bar, where it rests on its minicell saddle. Minor repositioning is fairly easy to achieve. The extension bar is willing to slide back, forth, side to side, to achieve good balance.

Throwing the canoe up on the extension bar is something that should be practiced, but I haven’t missed so far.

extender bar external frames
Both Kelty and CampTrails make thousands of external frame packs with adjustable extender bars. They telescoped into the siderails of the pack at the top.

The Knudson variation replaced the extender bar with two Y shaped extensions which supported the canoe at the yoke or center thwart.

Any of the external frames with an extender bar can be made into a Knudson style frame with homemade Y or fork extensions.

There are a lot of these packs to be found in garage sales and thrift stores. Most for $25 or less. Look at the hip belt and try it on. Adjusted correctly the belt supports the weight, the straps just keep it positioned.

A fellow i have paddled many miles with modified a large CampTrails pack into his portage frame. He left his attached to the canoe, the support forks had velcro loops that went over the thwart. At a take out he would turn the canoe over, the frame would drop down, he would slip his arms thru the shoulder straps, and then fasten the belt. He could do this in seconds and be trotting up the trail. Saw him do many 90 Milers with a cedar strip canoe over his head on this pack frame.


knu pac
Well, we’ve completed our portage system. Thanks for all your hints and tips. The problem of the canoe cradle was solved by my husband’s great idea - use oar locks!

Thanks to all!


knu-pac portaging system
I just saw this post via a goodle search. We sold the Knu-Pac company a couple of years ago and after just visiting the new web site, it seems that the new owners are having supply problems. Until they can find a new supplier, you can use any freighter frame. Cabella’s isn’t great, but it’s available and it works. Check with the new owners (google knupac for their site address) and see if they sell you the portaging cradles. It’s still a great system and imho… the only intelligent way to carry a boat.

Knu-Pac shelf
nitavar, so good to have you around. Can you explain how to attach the U-shaped shelf attachment for the Knu-Pac? I can’t figure out how to make it work. Thanks.