Kodak Playsport 5.0 MP Pocket Camcorder

Anyone have any feedback on this model or a recommendation for another waterproof/resistant pocket camcorder? Thanks.

Go Pro HD Hero. N/M

kodak playsport

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I just bought the Kodak Playsport. My first impressions: feels good in the hand, hdmi, the size of a cell phone. I was in the market for something water resisitant for my kayaking and looked at the Go Pro and various other waterproof helmet cams but I chose the Kodak as I'll be able to use it more on a daily basis outside of kayaking.

Also, being able to set up the shot with the 2" screen on the Kodak and the ability to preview the recording was important to me. Most helmet cams don't allow you to do that. (I did consider the ATC5k helmet cam, which does have a small screen). The GoPro is something that I also considered, however, I didn't like the wide angle, distorted view that you get.

Hope this helps!

Just looking at specs
It would be a nice camcorder if you can live with a 61mm fixed lens. That is very narrow if you want to include wide landscapes or to shoot yourself from a close distance. Plus no zoom (it has 4x digital zoom but that does not count - you can digitally zoom on your computer). The main advantage over the Go Pro is the screen - not having a screen on the Go Pro is really frustrating. The Kodak not having a good way to mount may be a problem too.

Neither has image stabilization (electronic stabilization does not count - you can do the same in software and better).

Not sure if this is the video encoding or something else, but the sample videos I saw from the Kodak are choppy on youtube where the ones from the Go Pro HD there are smooth. The kocak is about 1/2 price of the Go Pro though -:wink:


I have been researching helmet cams (like many of you iā€™m sure). i have looked at contour, drift, tachyon, vio and oregon scientific. The go-pro seems to bee the most popular camera. .

i am currently leaning towards the ATC9k.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

btw: i would also use on a bike and trail running.

thanks again