Kodiak vs Sea Runner XL

Just a totaly random thought. Is it just me or does the Sea Runner XL by Hydra kayaks seriously resemble the Prijon Kodiak?

Can we get a link here, or what?

Come on!

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I thought you were good at searching the net.

Well, Sea Runner XL is 0.5" wider. 1" longer, 1" smaller in cockpit, 1.5 lb lighter. Rotomold vs. blow mold - big difference. Otherwise, looks similar.

Above the…
…waterline, yes, but from the scant info

avaialable, it sounds like the hull shape is different.

The Kodiak–keep in mind that there is no scaling

in typing–looks kind of like _/ whereas it

reads as though this one looks like V.

I could see how that might affect primary


You are right.
Good attention to details. One reviewer said, it resembles Perception Eclipse Sea Lion.