Kokanee Troll

After having a hard time using lead core line while paddling. And messing with cowbells, dodgers and such.

I worked out a way to get the lure down twenty feet or so.

I used a U20 size Flat Fish lure and tied a 4lbs leader to the front hook. Then add your favorite Kokanee Salmon lure. I used a Dick Nite.

I troll for trout using the Flat fish and being able to catch deep Salmon with little lures is nice.

Flat fish
Flat fish don’t dive to 20 ft depths, but using a diving bait has always been a good way to get spoons down while imparting some extra action to the spoon. I use Hot n Tots in both sizes for differents depths. Wally divers also will take you deeper. The diameter of your main line, length of line to the lure and trolling speed all play a part in how deep your baits will go.

try troll ease
from luhr jensen

poor man’s downrigger

it will get you to about a 45 degree angle into the water

Jet Divers
are real popular in the Northwest.