Kokatat alterations?

I got a new GFE suit for my wife without booties or a relief zipper (ridiculous good deal, so lacking those didn’t bother me).

I’ll add latex socks, and I’d like to know how much Kokotat might charge to add a drop-seat or front-zip.

Has anyone had this done? I’m waiting to hear back from Kokatat, but in the meantime I’m curious about whether they’ll do this, and how much they charge.

I don’t think it’s possible for them to
retro-fit a drop seat. The relief zip is possible and I think mine was a couple hundred dollars.

pricey…but i would go to Rainy Pass in
seattle for the retro fits…

Relief zip price
In case anyone’s curious, Kokatat got back to me and they will add a front relief zipper for $140. Drop seat can’t be retrofit.