Kokatat Boater pants?

Does anyone out there own a pair of Gore-Tex Kokatat boater pants? I’m interested in using them for sea kayaking in the spring and late fall here in Virginia. It seems Kokatat sells two varieties, one called the Boater Pant and the other called the Deluxe Boater Pant. Any comments, thoughts, experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I live in Manassas, and I bought (online) a pair of Splash Pants from Colorado Kayak Supply. They are a semi-dry pant with waist and ankle seals. They are quiet warm (and dry) by themself, and I’ve also worn thermal long johns under them when I’ve gone out on the Occoquan or Potomac in January and February in my sit on top kayak. When I’ve worn wet socks with them, I’ve been plenty warm and dry enough.

I do
have the deluxe BP. they are awesome. I have been using them as rain pants, paddling pants, motorcycle rain pants, etc. for ever since they started making them. i’m on my 2nd pair and the first pair are still in use.

I’m not a fan of the lighter material but that’s just me.

I’ve sprung a few leaks over the years and just patched 'em with aquaseal.


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I’ve been using them for cycling and they held up when I endoed and landed skidding on my ass. Only problem is that the neoprene waist band is too tight for my fat gut. Maybe the Goretex ones would be a better fit.

While I’ve enjoyed using my Boater’s Pants in the past I appreciate the broader waist band for making a better seal at the top of the pant, of the Stohlquist Mooner’s Drypant. I added a modification of latex booties for having the ability to wear wool socks on the inside of the booties makes them far more comfy on cold water days. Also the extra cordura on the butt and knees makes for fewer Aquaseal repairs over the years.

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