Kokatat custom suit defect

Hi All,

I got my new Kokatat custom legacy suit with the paint cuffs positioned above than they are supposed to be. That defies their purpose to cover shaft of shoes. The suit is ordered in “normal” Large in custom color so I expected exactly same fit as my Kokatat Meridian suit. I’m attaching the pictures of the cuffs comparing to my older suits.

Now Kokatat customer support says that is their “NEW” and “IMPROVED” design and resists to fix that.

What’s your opinion guys? Can I force them to fix that?

Well, if they say its intentional its not really a defect. A (possibly undesirable depending on your footwear) design change, yes, but defect, probably not. Maybe they moved it up for high top boots?

Anyways, have you asked Kokatat if they will help you out? Their customer service is generally top notch, but since you have a custom suit it may be harder to get them to exchange your suit. What did you ask for and what did they say?

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So far they refuse.

I believe they simply used a wrong template for pants (possibly for older model which has neoprene cuff extension) because if you look at the new suit picture then the bottom of cuffs clearly bellow ankle of a model (exactly at the same position as for old suit).

They are looking for excuses now.

What do the pant cuffs look like when you have the suit on?

just above my ankles when I’m standing but they move up in sitting position

definitely not like on this picture:

I’d send them a photo showing the shortness of the pants while standing compared to the image on their site, as well as a photo showing the shortness while sitting.

Since it was a custom suit, is the length of the inseam the same as what you ordered?

that is regular large size w/o any adjustments - I changed the color because didn’t want to explain to my wife why I got a new suit.

Thanks for your advice, I’ll call them


Hope they fix what clearly is a problem.

I have an Odyssey suit in size large. No tailoring. Standard size large. The inseam on my suit, including a 6 1/2" cuff is 32" total. What does yours measure?

I measured 31’’ total to the bottom of cuff but my Meridian has 2.5’’ more however they have exactly the same length with socks.

I called Kokatat customer service today. They agreed to take the suit for inspection keeping telling me about of their new design changes. I requested a side by side picture of my custom suite and their non-custom one. If they are the same I’m screwed and my option will be to pay for a “repair” in order to fix this “improved” design.