Kokatat customer support

My top under my Meridian dry suit started getting moist after 5 years of steady use 6 mos/year. No puddles, just not dry. I sent it to Kokatat and they told me the material had delaminated. They are replacing it free of charge, and will even try to get it to me in time for my weekend paddle.

Other dry suits look good and are probably as effective, but has anyone had this kind of incredible customer support with the competition?


I contacted them recently
I was considering buying a Kokatat drysuit and needed a speciality color. They were very helpful in getting me the information I needed and pointing me to dealers in my area - who they happened to know on a first-name basis, which I also thought was a sign of good customer relations/service.

BTW - I was under the impression that Kokatat was no longer making the laminated shells, so maybe you’ll actually get something better as a replacement.

I got a new dry suit…
…and so has about 4 ConnYak members. I sent mine in for a booties update. They called me and said I had some delaminating fabric (GorteTex) and sent me a new suit and just charged for the update cost. The suit was about 4 years old.

Kokatat is the best!

Kokatat vs another manufacturer
over the years I have had two drytops delaminate. One Kokatat one an unnamed company across the pond whose name begins with a P and ends in ALM. The Kokatat top was replaced quickly and free or charge. The other top… well…never heard from them again. Guess who I buy from and refer people to…

Kokatat Rocks
I sent my Kokatat Expedition dry suit in for gaskets last year. Kokatat determined the Gore-Tex was delaminating and replaced the suit for the price of the new gaskets.

They couldn’t get my model in my size to me in a timely manner so are sending a loaner suit so I don’t waste any weekends off the water. Gotta love it.