Kokatat delays



Now there’s no drysuits for my kayakin’ chickens,
with their rotisserie class come September.
They’ll be wearin’ PFD’s since them water wings,
will be no use without supporting members.

By then the algal drool will likely nix the pool
cause I can’t seem to find some chlorine.
And also wing sauce packs I’ll find they seasonally lack,
again not a spot of spendin’ change on the scene.

Dear God!!!
Hopefully there shan’t come a blizzard! I’d hate to think of a shortage of music rolls for my recently constructed $8,000.00 plywood privy!

Thomas N. Payne
Summer Soldier
Moonshine Patriot

They are doing wet tests and repairs at least. Just got one back a couple of weeks ago. Probably a good time to sell it, my butt and the suit’s are not longer good friends.

Damn. I hope they’re at least back to full staffing levels in their factory. Back in mid-February, they were backlogged at that time, but I was able order a “custom” Icon (to stock specs) and received it near the end of March.

Here’s the receipt for my first ever Kokatat drysuit. I’m sure I was anxious spending that amount of money back then, but damn!

Twenty years ten times the price. :scream:

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Guessing that was not Goretex. But still, what a change 20 years makes.

More impressed they still have that receipt…

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Nope, not GoreTex, but urethane and sadly “unrepairable” according to them. All the seams were leaking, and they no longer stock the kind of seam tape they used back then.