Kokatat Dry Pants

Does anyone have any experience with Kokatat’s Swift Dry pants. I want to use these with my double-tunneled dry top for added verstility. REI advertises that these, when combined with a double-tunneled dry top, will create a water proof seal. I can understand how this works with the bibs, but can see some problems in creating this seal with just pants, as there is really nothing to fold together. What are your experiences?

if it aint a bib,
it ain’t gonna work well enough to be comparable to a drysuit.

not even close to a true dry system
go with the bibs! I have the Kokatat bibs with Goretex booties and a relief zipper which I love. I particularly like mating it with my short sleeve dry top to create a short sleeve dry suit! Awesome for warm sunny days with cold water.

Rei has fallen a bit lately kayak info
REI is a great company but they have fallen lately in the realm of knowing what they are selling with kayak gear.

these dry pants are only dry like waders and spashes in over the deck of canoe. NOT A DRYSUIT.

Some kayakers with very high end dry tops and high end neoprene spraydecks can if careful get a fairly watertight seal and use it. For the rest of us, allot of water in, especially if swimming or repeated capsizes.

more fodder
I got a deal on Bomber Gear bibless dry pants and a tunneled top. With great care and a lot of hand stitching, I sewed a tunnel to the pants and sealed the stitching with AquaSeal. I am only a class I small creek paddler when the water is cold. My inexpensive dry suit set up works great for my use.

I don’t get it
I don’t get it. If you stitch them together how do you put them on?

“I don’t get it Big Dan”
… I loved that line in O’ Brother Where Art Thou.

I sewed a tunnel to the pants so it could be rolled together with the tunnel on the top.