Kokatat Dry Suit Abrasion issue around zipper area

Has anyone else experienced issues lately with abrasion on the outside of their Kokatat drysuit around the zipper area? I have discovered a hole has appeared on the outside of my suit (blue suit in picture), with this being directly over the zip area.

It seems the hole is a result of general rubbing over the zipper area, it is also not where the PFD sits. The suit is only 8 month old, and not really been used for a lot of this time due to lockdowns caused by covid.
I have contacted the supplier I purchased from who has stated Kokatat warranty will not cover this as they consider it general wear and tear, the warranty only covers failed materials or workmanship.

A friend who purchased a similar Kokatat suit at nearly the same time, is also beginning to witness the same occurring in the exact same location on their suit.

I am planning to contact System X in the UK for their take on this but was wondering if others have experienced the same problems?

I’d contact Kokatat directly as well; don’t take the supplier’s word for it.


Kokatat doesn’t cover wear. I’d like to see your PFD at that spot.

All Kokatat products are fully guaranteed to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the reasonable life of the item. Products found to be defective will be repaired or replaced at Kokatat’s option. Repairs due to normal wear and tear, accident, abuse, etc., will be made for a reasonable charge. Latex gaskets are not covered by the Kokatat warranty. There is a 2 year limited warranty on all Hydrus 2.5 suits. Kokatat specifically disavows any other representative warranty or liability relative to the condition or use of the product.

Directly from kokatat site. I would say that is wear they are not responsible for.

I had a kokatat drysuit I put new gaskets in myself. When I was done I saw there was some seam tape lifting about two inches. I ask for a repair they said mail it back. Drysuit was 8 years old or there about. They called and said we’re going to replace your suit.

I got it for Christmas and was :cry:. I ask them to mail me an arm back. They wouldn’t do that but they did sent the pocket and hood back for a momento.

I inspect my suit everytime I use it when cleaning or rinsing it. My life may depend on it. Every 6-8 times I turn it inside out and rinse and inspect. Zipper wax, wash it tub few times a year, and retreat the Gotten. Good bad weather day projects.

I am sure they will fix it at a reasonable cost if material is not defective. I would start by contacting kokatat and send some pictures. Good luck.

Doesn’t look like “normal” wear after 8 months of light use, but of course everybody’s body and setup grinds the fabric in different ways.

But rather than assume the worst, it’s harmless to ask Kokatat, who have a history of being responsive. What’s the harm?

I am having a hard time telling from the photo, sorry to be dim. Which model drysuit is that and exactly what part of the suit am I seeing? I have gotten their Expedition versions for quite some time now and thus far it seems this issue would be hard to have. But I may need to take a better look.

Gortex or hydrus material? Shouldn’t happen on either.

If you are in the States, I’d send the suit back to Kokatat and ask for a warranty eval and a leak test and repair (Water Test Factory Repair - Kokatat). The leak test is $42 plus shipping to (you pay) and return shipping (paid to Kokatat. They will check the whole suit for leaks and patch any they find (even pin holes which you may not even know about).

If they find it is a warranty repair, then you won’t pay the leak test cost nor (I think) the return shipping.

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Thankfully after further conversation with the company I purchased my suit from, they have agreed to send away for repair.
For those that have asked it is a Kokatat odyssey suit. The hole has appeared on the edge where the flap covers the zip on the back .
I have checked, and this is not where my PFD sits on my shoulder. It is obviously being worn through by something but I do not know how or what especially as this is on the very edge of the

Sorry for multiple images but new user so limited on photos allowed per post :frowning:

Inside of the suit.

Friends suit beginning to show similar wear in the same place. They are debating what to do about theirs.

Maybe suit is not sitting flat enough at the zipper for some reason? Wear PFD sit and pretend you’re paddling and have someone watch.

If something doesn’t change you’ll be back in the same boat!