Kokatat dry suit for a surf ski

I just used my new Kokatat polortec dry suit for the first time when paddling my surf ski. All I can say is that it beats the pants off a wet suit. One has to maybe go a size bigger for extra room for layers and for torso rotation. I always felt too contricted when I wore a wet suit. All I have to do now is solve my cold hands issue.

Which Model?

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I have the Meridian with the double flap waist tunnel. I find the all the flaps -- waist, wrist and ankles -- catch water and blow open on the paddle out. Granted my drysuit is 4 years old so the velcro ain't what it used to be. On decent size waves that "sea anchor" effect is just another thing I don't want to content with. I am back in a surf boat for the rest of the winter.

I advised one of waveski only buddies to get the NRS model. No frills/flaps (yes to relief zip and booties) to present for oncoming waves to catch on.

For your hands, you can always try the nordic blue drygloves. Unbeatable for warmth. Do a search of the archives and you'll find discussions and link to where to order.


PS. Ooops... read waveski instead of surfski. Different demands.

Yes, On the Nordic Blue
I picked up a pair a few months back and just recently tried them for the first time. They are a big improvement over the SealSkinz that I had been using. A little more bulky and clumsy, but they are fine after ten minutes of paddling.


Burp 'em
the more your burp, the more you can feel the paddle better. Unfortunately, you loose the insulating quality of the trap air. For more warmth, leave it little more air in.


Polortec drysuit

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perhaps goretex with the nifty (and seperate)polartec liner?

I need to have the full tactil sense of feeling the paddle so I found that pogies work better for me than gloves. However, that was years ago so I have not tried any of the new gloves that may be available.