Kokatat dry suits

I am planning on buying one. Do they ever go on sale?

I think
I’ve seen them on sale at


colorado kayak supply


kittery trading post


Usually unloading last years models, though I think they are pretty much done for the season

I bought one at Nantahala Outdoor Center (if I have the spelling right) on sale in the fall a few years back, but usually the sales I’ve seen are pre-season.

One of the best is REI’s 20% off on one item (Kokatat Gore-Tex drysuits included), but that’s a lot of missed paddling opportunities by waiting until then!

I got 20% off…
…at outdoorplay.com on my new Kokatat GMER drysuit in February. Usual price $949 (I think) and I got it for $731.

I saw a few deals at NRS.com also. I think these leftover new stock items get pushed out during the late fall and winter. I was very lucky to get an XL size suit that late in the winter.


Body Boat Blade
Has 20% off the drysuits per their website. Nice people.

Latex gaskets have a
limited useful service life. I like to replace mine every three seasons of heavy use. The manufacture date of the gaskets that Kokatat uses is stamped on the gasket.

Once saw a Kokatat product with latex gaskets in a sunny window display. Checked the latex gasket manufacture date on the dry top and observed that it had been maufactured four years previous.

Same shop, a large one, had all their dry suits on the rack displayed with the zippers completely closed - per Kokatat, a big no, no.

Let the buyer be aware of bargins.

Kayak Academy
and the outfitters in Homer, AK (I forget their name) offer used Kokatat drysuits on their websites too

Usually only last year’s model
goes on sale. I got mine by using my REI yearly dividend, and using the beginning of the year 20percent discount. that gave me a significant savings.

Ebay is also another great place to get a bargain, as well as thr classified ads here at p-net.

Good luck,


ebay for deals
I would second Donna’s comment about searching ebay for a deal. A few years back I bid on and won a used Kokatat Gore-Tex front entry drysuit for $400! The suit had ankle gaskets which I didn’t like. I’ve since sent the suit back to Kokatat and had Gore-Tex botties added and the neck/wrist gaskets replaced once. The suit has been great.


Kayak Academy
They have an excellent reputation. I bought a used suit from them in January – pleased so far. They also have a semi-custom suit (“Silver Label” or some such) that they offer at a non-custom price.

– Mark

NRS in December sometimes?

2nd Kayak Academy
I bought a used suit from Kayak Academy in August a few years back and saved 40% off of new. Barb and George are the best and they will make sure you are happy…Period!

I have used the suit for three years in whitewater only (lots of swims) and it looked and still looks brand new and has never been anything but perfect.

In the heat of summer is the best time to buy a drysuit.

Good Luck. You are gonna love it. Best purchase I ever made.

Jay Boyd