Kokatat Drysuit repair

I was trying to find the posted message where someone said that they send their drysuit in every year for pressure testing. My search did not find it. Anyone recall that post? Thanks.

I send it in
But it’s for general checkup, so they look for pinholes and always find some. Something to do with the relative size of the suit (medium) and me (more small), per discussions with the Kokatat folks.

I also use the suit pretty much year round, probably more than most. The suit is a GMER, and I forget the cost but it’s fairly cheap.

Why are you asking?

I am considering doing the same as you. Just wanted some details.

might have been one of my posts. With a Gore-Tex suit, it’s under warranty. Pressure test and subsequent repairs have been done at no charge to me. I’ve never noticed a leak while swimming but Kokatat has put at least 20 patches in my GMER.