Kokatat Drysuits

I paddle in cold northern waters and am looking into buying a dry suit. I’ve been looking at the Kokatat front zip and meridian dry suits. My only issue is that to get the ever necessary dry suit socks you must order as well a drop seat. I’ve used dry suits before so I know that I would never use this convenient little hatch. Is the drop seat uncomfortable? Is there a better choice for a dry suit? They also don’t list pricing on the website. Anyone know the range where the meridians run?

Buy the suit and either put the socks in yourself or have a local dive shop do the work.

I’m confused.
If you wouldn’t use a drop seat, why would you order one? They do come without one, also. I know several women who really like the drop seats and don’t find them uncomfortable at all. I’m female (allegedly) and prefer a lowered front pee zip for use with a freshette and I save the ‘other’ bodily function for a more convenient time.

There are several websites that carry them (try google, froogle or yahoo shopping) and I, personally, think Kokatat is the best. I’ve had mine for about 7 or 8 years of heavy use and it is in excellent shape.

I also think that the built-in dry socks are great…especially in northern waters.

Good luck. My drysuit is my favorite piece of clothing.

No drop seat required…
My wife has 3 Kokatat dry suits (plus a Super-Nova) neither of the ones she ordered new have a drop seat (one she bought on ebay does). All have socks/booties. She does find the lowered pee zip useful. She does not care for the drop seat on the 1 suit which has it.

dry suits $ …
tropos meridian suit is around $500 …goretex meridan suit is upwards of $900-$1000 range.


Not necessarily so
First, look at the sizing chart and see if you really need a womens size. When I checked, it turned out I fit a Unisex closer than the womens sizing. I know other women who have found the same.

That said, I ran into a bit of a bump getting the lowered height for that Pzip to work with a FUD when I ordered my last suit. I was told at the time that Kokatat had altered their policy about that. Dunno if it was a momentary thing or what, but I was able to get around it with some diligent argument.

The other suit that, I think, is underrated and comes standard with a lowered pzip in the womens sizing is the NRS suit made of their Event material. Don’t know about the warranty levels, but maybe worth checking out if Kokatat won’t move on this one.

As to the drop seat - I have a suit with that, got it off of EBay, and am less than thrilled. I figured I’d give it a try, but it tends to be a big awkward zipper to use. It isn’t in the way while paddling, but it has the damnedest talent for pulling my seat back over on a wet re-entry.

AS to going used - Kokatat will act on the GoreTex warranty for even a used suit. This is not a bad idea.

Is that a policy change? It used to be limited to the original owner.

You are correct
The womens Meridian does not come with socks unless you get the drop seat version, but you can order them (I think for $50) and it’s well worth it. My daughter did not want the drop seat and had the socks added – Kokatat is fairly quick at making alterations and we had the suit in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Why they don’t include socks on the womens non-drop seat version is beyond me.



It’s not that simple…
…unless you want latex socks. Gore-Tex socks are not available as an aftermarket item.

Call up Kokatat
on the phone. They’ll make anything you want. I send my suit in to them every December for a tune-up. I just tell them to fix or replace anything they think might give me trouble during the next paddle season. I had them shorten the legs on my suit when I ordered it. They’ll custom make a suit to fit any body type. I don’t think anybody makes a better suit than Kokatat, and E-Vent is a little too new for me yet. I’m gonna give it a few years to see if it really is better than Gortex.