Kokatat GFER

Does anyone know why they’re discontinuing the Kokatat GFER?

I was just on Kokatat’s website and it goes from Tropos to Gore-tex Merridian.

GFER no longer seems to be in production.

Here it is

They changed the color scheme. GFER stands for Gore Tex Front Entry Relief zipper

GFER vs. Merridian
What make the Merridian worth the couple hundred $ more than the GFER?

Is it the covered zipper?

Is the uncovered zipper on the GFER that bad?

I’ve heard it can be hard on PFD’s - does anyone know if this is true?

BTW thanks Clarion

The Meridian has a tunnel
… for a skirt to go under. It also has a cover over the zipper. I think that’s basically the difference.

I have a Meridian. I don’t know about the zipper issue. The most meaningful difference from my point of view is that the Meridian has an “overskirt” piece that fits over the tunnel of your sprayskirt to keep water from running into your boat between the drysuit and skirt tunnel.

I suppose if you don’t plan on doing much capsizing, it may not be worth the extra bucks, but I definitely appreciate it for surfing/playboating.

I have had a GFER for years. I’ve had no issues with PFD (or other) wear from the zipper. I have a neoprene skirt with a neoprene waist and I don’t get water in the boat. I’m sure the Meridian is a better answer for pure kayaking, but I use the GFER for catamaran sailing and kayaking. Either way, Kokatat is the right answer.