Kokatat GMER L Mango--best prices now

Hoping the community could direct me to the best deals out there for a Kokatat GMER, Large, in Mango… Thanks in advance.

New or used?

prefer new, but would entertain option for light used and well taken care of suit

has it listed on sale for $867… probably as good as it gets.

saw a new GFER for under $700 on the local board

kayak academy
If you can live with radish/black, Kayak Academy has a used one from their rentals for $675. (the listing erroneously has it as a GFER but it is obviously a GMER). I understand they carefully clean and test their used suits and repair any pinholes or other issues with them before offering them for sale.


Thanks for the link.

Any others?

news flash!
Appomattox River Co. has it on sale for $820


also in blue.

JUMP on this deal, $250
There’s one on Ebay set to expire Saturday night, a mango and blue men’s large Goretex one with no bids and a “buy now” of $250. For that price you could afford to send it to Kokatat and have the relief zip and socks installed and still be way under any price I ever have seen for one in good shape.


ON color, nobody is going to see the lower half of the suit anyway and the part that will be above water (in the boat or in the drink) is Mango.