Kokatat Hustle Question

Does anyone have the Hustle with the tributary hydration bladder? If so, are you happy and can you describe the attachment method. The website pictures aren’t helpful.

I currently use a full coverage, front zip PFD with insufficient methods to attach a hydration bladder. I’ve tried different methods to attach a Camelback bladder-pack and each method results in the bladder becoming a pendulum when exiting and re-entering the boat. The PFD wasn’t made to accept attachments on the back. I’ve tried wearing the Camelback on top of and underneath the PFD with the Camelback harness and that sucks too!

I like the design of the Hustle, just cannot understand how the Tributary attaches. If someone could snap a photo that would be very helpful.

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I’ve looked at that too. Kokatat should have a video of attachment. I probably would have bought one by now.

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Here is a picture of my tributary attached to a MsFit. I opened one of the velcro flaps to show how they attach,

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Thank you both. I understand now why that works with Kokatat models and not mine. The shoulder buckles on my vest are on the front just above my clavicles. And the buckles on the back are very lateral. So any attachment system has to span a relatively long distance.

Did it come with directions? I may start by buying the hydration kit see if I can make it work and if not get the Hustle.

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Hustler jacket is by far the best PFD i ever had out of about 7 or 8.

im going to see if Marshal has one. Not listed on his website but I’ll ask before I try elsewhere.

You can try my Hustler if you like Bob. It’s L-XL as they list it.

I didn’t see any Kokotat PFDs the last time I was up there. I’m ordering the hydration pack and then will go from there.

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This thread reminds me that I have a Kokatat Tactic pack but haven’t tried it with my Hustle yet.

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One last question because my OCD is activated since I can’t get out to paddle because of this tropical storm!

Where do you attach your radio on the Hustle? Looks like some people shove it in the clam shell pocket but I’m not a fan of keeping a pocket partially open so the antenna can stick out. Always afraid it will unzip and dump out the contents.

Standard horizon 300 series on my PFD in kokatat pouch. SH 851, 850, or 890 on my deck bag.

Keep the pouch on a caribiner and the scotty clip and small bungee to keep it from going to far to the side.


I have a tributary hydration bag on my hustler. There are loops on the shoulder straps for top and attached the lower straps to the waist straps. Seems to work - comfortable to use - has had no effect on my ability to roll my sea kayak.

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I would not own a piece of equipment named Hustle.

A good friend of mine’s maiden name was Hoestler (pronounced “hustler”) and she got plenty of teasing for through her teens. Then the first guy she dated in college that she really liked had the family name of Hooker. Among her considerations in declining to marry him was that she did not want to forever be known as “Hustler Hooker”.

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Some things were just not meant to be …

I have Hustles. Not the HustleR. Mantis green. There’s far more in the store than ever will be on the website. Just back from OperationDeepBlue.org so I’ll be in the store 8 days a week

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