Kokatat Hydrus vs. Gortex

I’m trying to decide between a Kokatat Supernova Hydrus or a Kokatat Endurance Gortex. The pros of the Supernova. Cheaper, more flexible and lighter . For the Gortex I believe it’s supposed to be much more breathable.
My typical day is about 1.5 hours paddling about 6 miles for a workout.
Thanks in advance for sharing any experience with either of these.

Warranty on each?

Gortex us plenty flexible for me.

Thanks for mentioning this. It looks like the Hydrus 2.5 is a 2 year limited warranty as opposed to lifetime for the Gortex. The supernova angler is Hydrus 3.0 which I believe is also lifetime. I’m not sure what else is different about the Angler other then the material. The Angler is a bit more then the Supernova but considerably less then the Endurance.
I should mention that it’s not solely about the money. I’m always willing to pay if the price is justified.

I have and have had both.

Goretex is a better warranty, but I discount that a bit now compared to past (they aren’t as quick to warranty Goretex as they used to be). They now warrant for the product’s lifespan, which takes into account wear and tear. I figure that means about a 5 year warranty. Still much better than the 2 year on the Hydrus.

Goretex is thicker. One place this comes into play is in how easily it can get a hole should you walk through a pricker bush or scrape against some barnacles. Thicker means less likely to get a hole.

I have heard all sorts of different stories about Goretex being more breathable or some other material being more breathable. I do find with either, if I am out for exercise, I will be somewhat moist at the end of the paddle.

Thanks Peter. I think Hydrus 2.5 is a new name for the older material and has a 2 year warranty. Hydrus 3.0 is the limited lifetime warranty like Gortex. Kinda vague on the limited lifetimes details.

This is mainly for exercise so I’d expect to get somewhat sweaty.