Kokatat Idol Dry Suit Zipper Placement???

I am considering one of these dry suits. I really like the concept, but am a little unsure of the zipper placement. From what I have seen online, the zipper is placed such that it is intended to be between the top of your seat and the bottom of your backband.

This is a great idea, but with my P&H boats I use Immersion Research Reggie backbands. They sit very low on my back and there is very little distance between the bottom of the backband and the top of the seat. I am not sure how this will work out for me. Does anyone have any experience / advice for this issue? I guess I could go back to the P&H factory backband, but I prefer the IR band.


I have the Kokatat Radius dry suit with the Switchzip. Because of a pressure point just above my tailbone, I’ve padded the area between the lower backband and seat in my kayak. I never feel the drysuit zipper either front or back. Not even while wearing the drysuit while driving my car, as I did today because it was too darn cold to change on the beach.

Marshall Seddon of The River Connection is Kokatat dealer and paddles a P&H. You can contact him at: https://www.facebook.com/theriverconnection/

Hi Matt
Not a problem at all. I use the stock P&H backband which is taller than the IR Reggie and don’t have any issues with the Switch-Zip series of Kokatat suits.

In the suit though, go with the Radius. The additional features make for a more versatile garment. Price difference should be negligible after appliying your River Connection Kayak Owner VIP savings towards it. (Especially if it’s the tangerine color)

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