Kokatat Inferno 3 mm Neoprene Mitt advice

Looking for overall and sizing advice on the Kokatat Inferno Neoprene Mitt (3 mm neoprene).
The Kokatat gets good reviews but runs small and one size larger than normal is recommended. I want to wear glove liners under the mitts and normally wear a size large. I am thinking of going two sizes larger. For me, that is an XXL. What are your thoughts?

WSTsunami165, you dont need mitts. When my 145 has an urge to go out and play, I tether it to my daughter’s peir for a few hours, until it works off the extra energy. I go out before it gets too cold, bring it in and wipe it down, then put it away.

For some reason, manufacturers apparently think.that once you go from LLX to Big Feller, you are big enough to stretch anything. Good luck.