Kokatat InnerCore and OuterCore

How is the Kokatat InnerCore and OuterCore compared to other synthetic rash guards and layering clothing? How do you wear them? InnerCore under a wetsuit and OuterCore over?

Rashguard options
Good quality garments. Same caliber as Immersion Research Thin Skin/Thick Skin and Stohlquist P2 rashguards. You could definitely layer the Innercore with your wetsuit but the Outercore over top might not be as effective as a windproof shell layer. BTW all these garments also work great for skiing, snowshoeing and icefishing. Nice to get more mileage out of your kayaking gear bag.

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Outercore is sort of like a thin …
sleek, soft and very cozy sweatshirt – I haven’t played with Innercore yet, and I wonder where the NRS Wavelite falls as far as thickness and warmth. It’d probably be good under a Farmer John/Jane as a shirt as long as it fit well or a touch tightly.