kokatat knappster paclite drytop

anybody else have one of these, what’s their impression of this as a ss drytop, i found one in paclite goretex for very cheap.

i’ve been looking for a ss drytop for a while so I’m pretty geeked. But I wonder about the neoprene neck gasket.

i have one
used it for one summer. pleased so far. like you said, the gaskets aren’t latex, which is more comfortable, but not as dry. only an issue though when playboating, or in really big class IV-V water. otherwise keeps me dry, and breathes well.

Super comfy, super light, fairly wet …

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Wet whe I really get churned around in our local big IV- Hell Hole onf Calif.'s Trinity R., that is ... I may be just a touch skinny for the seals, but I still love it! (I'm 5'11", 170 and have Medium) -- feels like a warm, highly water-resistant t-shirt, almost. Great freedom of movement and comfort. Mine is the Goretex Paclite one ... I use it if the water is 60-plus AND sunny weather is 90-plus, otherwise I'm in my longsleeve.