Kokatat Maximus Centurion PFD feed back?

Any feed back on this PFD?

Saw an Astral Green but didn’t like the pocket & the shoulder straps are thin. Lash tab seems useless. Clamshell pocket is small and organizing pockets inside are flat and tight. Clamshell pockets is up high near my chin more than I like. Lower back side pockets are to far back to put anything in after taking it out.

I don’t like jackets with a long back that hit the seat in my CD Solstice or Extreme when it’s below the cockpit combing.

Anyone try the kokatat Hustler rescue jacket?


Just saw the maximus centurion was changed for 2020 anyone have the newer version?

If anyone has a Maximus Centurion what is the height of the back of the jacket? Thanks!

I note some changes on the new Maximus Centurion but I don’t know if they addressed the reasons that the previous model didn’t work for me. I had one for about 3 years but finally sold it.

The vest was too long for me. When wearing my Northwater Tow Belt the length of the vest forced the front of the jacket up. The toe belt bag was jammed between my sprayskirt in front and the front of the vest was piled on top of it. That forced the vest up interferring with my strokes and creating discomfort. I knew when buying it that it was slightly longer than my MsFit but I didn’t anticipate the problem. I kept trying to adjust it differently and eventually gave up. I replaced it with a Neptune which is the same length as my MsFit. No interference with the tow belt.

Something else that disappointed me about the MC was that in spite of all of the add-on storage it didn’t hold nearly as much as my MsFit. The pockets fit things that were flat pretty nicely but my camera, EPIRB, Spot, Hammer Gel Jug, and radio just didn’t fit to suit me. The Neptune doesn’t have the fussy storage stuff but it also doesn’t suit my storage needs.

I would suggest that you measure the length of the vests you are considering with interference in mind.

Doesn’t really help with your question, but your complaints bring up a general issue about PFD design. Though I prefer Astral PFD’s myself (have 4 models by now) their one drawback is really crappy pocket design for all the models that will fit my short body (I am only 5’ 4" to begin with and shortwaisted, so my upper torso is more like that of somebody 5’ 2" but my 40" chest precludes sizes scaled to tinier people.) They only seem to think that big guys who fish need pockets that can hold anything. I have considered stitching additional pockets on the vests myself. It would look raggedy but I am tired of carrying bulky items stuffed down my cleavage under my clothes and the vest.

I am going to try my old kokatat again thing I didn’t like was even at 6’ skirt on my Solstice pushed it up all the time. The Stohlquist back is much shorter and more comfortable. Kokatat back is 16" high vs. 12" for the Trekker vest.

Maybe the new kokatat Hustler R is better? Guess I need to call for some measurements. Astral Green is near 16" also in the back. Kokatat is 3"-4" lower on my back than the Trekker. My waist is 38" 230-240 my upper body is little big. Guess it would be less of a problem with low decked kayak. All my kayaks CD North American style.

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I’m watching this thread with some interest.
I attempted to order a Neptune several times this summer. They were back ordered up until so late that I decided to wait and see what is new in the spring.

I had also been looking at the Maximus Centurion. I do like Cordura better than just rip-stop, but the Neptune seemed to fill many of my needs…pockets looked a little light, but I was willing to try and see.

I like the wide well padded shoulder straps on the kokatat if I throw the kayaks on my shoulder and walk with them. I rarely ever drag them . I throw a towel on my shoulder to if it’s a long carry.

I put all new wide base seats 17" in them all so when I did that I also moved them back so they’re almost to the combing when straight. That doesn’t let the pfd push down much in the rear on the noeprene skirt

Called kokatat today the rep said the maximus centurion is 16" of foam in the back like the one in the picture above. Plus 1" for the strap on the bottom.