Kokatat MsFit Tour or Bahia Tour???

Which one would a woman prefer for comfort?

That is, all around comfort including a high

back seat, and in hot weather.

Same company, so no competitive thing here.

Has anyone tried both for comparison?



I prefer MsFit tour - but I am a guy
My fiancee prefers the MsFit tour also. She likes i better than any other PFD she has tried, including the Bahia.

msfit tour
Am a guy but i wore my msfit tour down in Baja over thanksgiving break and i never felt overheated, and it was comfortable the entire time

High seat back = Bahia
I help out the Kokatat rep at local shows and have fitted the two PFDS on large numbers of women and men over the last few years. The MSFIT is hands down more comfortable BUT the Bahia fits better in boats with high seat backs.

Large breasted women prefer the contoured cut of the MSFIT. Bahia foam is thicker in the front than the Bahia so it makes for a bulky front if the wearer is large breasted.

Go to a shop and have her try them on with the same or similar boat that she has.