Kokatat Odyssey drysuit sizing mens

Advice on sizing Kokatat Odyssey Men’s. I have a 45inch chest, 31" inseam, broad shoulders and 6ft tall. I am a large in the likes of Peak UK, Typhoon and Reed Chill cheater kit. Unfortunately where I live there are no places for me to try on a kokat suit. I reckon an XL will do but I am wondering if the size would be too big. Thanks

Doesn’t kokatat have a chart for sizing anymore?

They do, just wondering what the general consensus is around the sizing - i.e. is it on the larger side or on the smaller side. Any bit of feedback would help

For some reason I can’t find my own thread from last Fall on this same topic. I’m just a bit over 6 feet and exercise regularly and have at least somewhat broad shoulders (I need extra large t-shirts) and long arms. I’m really happy that I went with the XL. The top fits perfectly (plenty of room and not restrictive but not too big), the waist is bigger than I need but has a drawstring. The overall fit is fine and even my wife approves of the fit. I think the Large might work for you too but I’m happy that I went with the XL. As someone mentioned it may also help when you do the limbo to get in and out if the suit.

I have a 40/41" chest and fit in my Large just fine with 2 thick fleece layers underneath and have never felt constricted in the shoulders

But dont think I have another 6" in there (Your 45" chest + a couple layers) so the XL might be the ticket if the size chart agrees.

. 6’ 32" inseam 38" waist chest is 46+ 230 lb. it’s a XXL mines an expedition kokatat. Room for layering underneath is plenty.

Thanks everyone for the feedback - will go XL!!!