kokatat paddle jackets any opinions

I just ordered a Kokatat Tropos Re-action Jacket (Latex gaskets and breathable) for $140 . I plan to use it in the colder months both canoeing and seakayaking I could have purchased the Tropos Breeze (no gakets but breathable for $89) . Both of the above styles without the breathable fabric would cost $ 65 or $60 respectively .

Does anyone have an opinion on the tropos (breathable)fabric models and gasket vs non-gasket models ?

I’ve been told that the breathable isn’t worth the price difference since sweat will eventually cause the fabric to clog and the gaskets to deteriorate.

I can still change the order .

I beleive that goretex

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or any other ptfe laminate is well worth it. I do not beleive in waterproof breathable urethane coatings. I paddle in New england, Usually year round, and own a goretex dry suit and a waterproof breathable dry top (entrant perhaps) Makes s difference. Pores on generation 2 stuff could clog but we are in generation 3 ro 4 these days and it works pretty well.

Goretex and similar fabrics need occasionalg water repelant on the outside (buy the right stuff) and occasional cleaning. Noting is perfect you will never find a cheap waterproof garment as breathable as a thin uncoated cotton shirt.

Edit let me add my vote for dry tops (full latex gaskets). Then again I live in new england.

Breathable is the way to go
Virtually every time I’ve encountered arguments against breathable fabrics, it ultimately comes down to someone who simply doesn’t want to spend the extra money. The fact is that they work and they work quite well. I’ve used both types of garments and there is no comparison; breathable wins.

As for latex seals or not, I would say yes, get the jacket with seals (actually, it’s a “dry top” if it has latex neck and wrist seals). I find that paddling jackets (no latex seals) simply aren’t very useful, since they won’t keep you dry if you roll or end up in the water. They’re fine for splash protection, but that’s it. I own one, but haven’t used it in years. On the other hand, I use my dry tops (short and long sleeve) and dry suit all the time.

I have that jacket
and I love it. It is however more of a warmer weather jacket as it is only a semi-dry top due to the neoprene neck. The Tropos material has excellent breathability and the jacket is extremely comfortable. I like wearing it with a farmer john wetsuit on warmer days. Rolling with it does still get a significant amount of water down the neck. I’ve actually been using it more in the winter pool sessions lately as I absolutely love my dry top for anything but the hottest days.

tropos reaction
vs goretex jacket? Hmm, I’d go for the goretex reaction. personally. I have one it’s a very nice jacket for summer.

i don’t think that’s the choice though
Obviously Goretex would be superior to the Tropos fabric but I believe the choice is between the breathable (although not as breathable as Goretex) Tropos material or a non breathable nylon material. I don’t personally sweat excessively so I have found the Tropos breathes just fine for a semi-dry top.

Paddling jackets
are great for warmer water and cool air temps (summer eve paddles). I have a semi dry top by IR it was dry for 2 years, but leaks just a little now.

breathable works —
and i think it’s the way to go. you cannot however, wear expedition weight fleece under it on a 70° day and expect not to sweat and get damp. temper your underlayers to the weather and you’ll find that breathable works very well.

i like the kokatat stuff alot. the new ATP collar is VERY comfortable. my kokatat long sleeve dry top (forget the name) has latex wrist gaskets and the ATP neck collar which keeps water out when i roll. good stuff.

without wrist gaskets, water get’s in the sleeve and then runs down your arm and is very uncomfortable and cold. pretty useless for a long sleeve paddle jacket unless the water is 75° and so is the air temp and you don’t mind getting wet. but then, why would you wear a long sleeve jacket in the first place on such a day.