Kokatat Portage shoes feedback please.

Anyone have them? How is fit? I have s wide foot.

I have their tall boot with a breathable upper section, with what looks like the same sole. If you have any intention of using them for “portaging” and if the sole on the Portage Boot really is the same as the sole on my tall boots, my opinion is that they suck, big time. That sole is fine for walking on somebody’s manicured lawn and terrible for virtually anything else. I miss Chota’s tall breathable boot so much. They were very light but sensibly built for people who actually walk places during their boat trips. The Kokatat equivalent is only made to function as a foot covering. I realize that a lot of kayakers prefer a boot that’s basically just a slipper, but the name “Portage Boot” is totally misleading if in fact the lower portion is identical to that of my own boots, as it appears.

Not looking for real portage. Looking for stiffer sole than my Chota low shoes. If I drive off pedals they are soft I got astrals rasslers from riverconn.com and they are good but need bigger size for socks and suit like 13. astral not making them anymore.

Try NRS.

Problem is can’t try anything on. Just to use in winter around sandy bays by house when nobody else to paddle with in cold. Need comfortable but stiff sole to drive off pedals.

NRS is worth looking at. They claim the Navy SEALS wear these: https://www.nrs.com/product/2338/nrs-workboot-wetshoe

While neoprene, you’ll have your drysuit booties so your feet will stay dry. Company has a generous return policy: https://www.nrs.com/customer-service/returns.asp

Maybe https://www.nrs.com/product/30019.04 plastic shim for sole stiffness thanks. Pain don’t know what size with socks and booties.

I agree with NRS selection.

Bought Chota Boots size 11 & 12. Thanks all.