Kokatat rocks!!!!

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I have owned Kokatat gore-tex drysuits since the beginning of time (well actually the beginning of Kokatat using Gore-tex!) and have been 100% impressed! I actually had used alot of Blue Puma paddling gear back in the day. So.. I have a Gore suit that was used professionally for about 3 years and what I considered half worn out. It needed new seals and the Goretex sox were beginning to leak a bit, which is to be expected given my use/ abuse. I noticed a tiny bit of leakage at the crouch and armpit so I 'tested' it and sure enough 2 tiny spots, on a seam, were letting in a drop of 3 of water. The seals were getting cracked and I figured if I sent it back now, I'd have a up and running suit for fall/ winter.....

Instead I have learned that I have some delamination going on and I get a NEW suit!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Moly batman. I offered to pay something, since I had used the suit ALOT but NO they're sending me a spankin' NEW one!!!!!!!!

KOKATAT makes some REALLY GREAT stuff and stand behind 'em like you can't believe!!!!!

steve (a happy camper)

yes. thats awesome. This aint the first story ive heard with that outcome. i need both a new dry top and a new drysuit…i have a rouge drytop , hard used and ruined by poor maintenance…

i just got a new guide vest. ill buy the gfr drysuit soon…

That’s great to hear

I just bought a GFER for that reputation alone.

Will keep that in mind when it’s time to buy.

Used 'more than normal’
Good Lord that’s truly awesome customer service! Was just watching their new stuff video from the show. Great products.

Heeheeheheheheh, I’d say your use is way above normal, Steve! Wonder if they knew who they were talking to.

Any of you tried the bungee around the neck outfitting? Trying to wrap my mind around the concept.

They are great!
A couple of years ago my paddling partner sent his three year old suit back to have a new neck gasket installed and a tiny sock leak repaired. They called him up and told him that they had tested his suit and found some delamination (that he never suspected). They gave him a brand new suit for the cost of the shipping.

A year ago I sent my suit in for a new neck gasket. I asked them to water test it. They found and repaired, free of charge, 13 pinhole leaks that were due to wear and tear.

Kokatat walks their talk when it comes to customer satisfaction. Hard to imagine buying a suit from anyone else.


Yup, had same experience…
Some years ago I sent in my Kokatat Expedition dry suit in for new gaskets and they found some delamination (the suit was not leaking)so sent me a new suit!

There are numerous reasons why photos of groups of paddlers I know often look like a Kokatat advertisement. The quality of their products and customer service are among the best.

i agree. most of the clothes i buy now is kokatat. it costs a bit more, but its worth it. also nice to support a us company that takes their customers seriously…i relly like my new kokatat GUIDE vest. the rouge too. it might not be beyond hope, but sand, salt day afterr day laying around wet…im not very nice to my gear…i use a nrs event drysuit. its very nice, but ill get a kokatat for more heavyu use. and an exstra rouge.red thios time…gloves shoes etc. im also quite impressed with the tempest pants. its unbelievable that its still in working shape. great pant at a very nice price…anybody knows how the cheaper range of drysuits are compared to others…backup is always smart…

of course…
they knew it was ME! They have been treating me well for alot of years and for them having the suits and gear in the hands of ‘pros’ is a GOOD thing!


5 star products & services
even if you aren’t an industry pro :smiley:

Kokatat IS all that, a fine American small business that is a giant in the paddling gear world. they truly exceed expectations.

these replacedment stories are legion, as are their fans.

I’ve posted the same message twice
and responded to many queries about what dry suit to buy. Kokatat is amazing and should be rewarded. I rarely pass up a chance to talk up their quality and customer service.


Happy Camper

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Sent my 2005 Gortex dry suit to Kokatat for routine gasket replacement. Had some minor Gortex sock leak issues.

In addition to repairing Gortex socks, several wear and tear repairs made at no charge.

Got to say, in a world of "price point" and "off shore" bargins - Kokatat has my $.


The biggest problem with Kokatat is my 9 year drysuit is still going strong. How does a company make money with that business model?!? :wink:

Currently have drysuit, drytop, paddling jacket, storm cag, pfd, hydration pack, etc… all Kokatat

btw. the drysuit is a heavy fabric (GTX 500?) at I was told by Kokatat “don’t ever sell that suit!”

They treat all paddlers well…
You don’t have to be a pro to get ‘pro treatment’ from Kokatat :slight_smile:

Pretty impressive how they still run,
compared to how some other American staples have been tanked/ruined by bad decisions.

i have heard this many times over…so worth the $$$$

I got my suit back recently. There were 35 holes in it! It’s two years old and I was hoping it was delamination, but no. However, Jordan fixed it up and charged me only $10 for the shipping.

I have many Goretex products from my days as a mountaineering/rock climbing guide/instructor and they are still going strong, including a 18 year old TNF Mountain Jacket, which is the best I’ve ever owned. Kokatat is to kayaking what TNF was 20 years ago. Fortunately, it’ll never be trendy to walk down the street in kayaking equipment as it is mountaineering clothing.

Treated me and my friends the same
and we’re nobodies.

Kokatat & TNF
Kokatat is the best . . . outstanding company. I own a lot of their stuff and an am loyal customer. Interesting about TNF, I too have one of those Mountain Jackets from the last century. Another outstanding Gore Tex garment that has literally saved my hide. Heavy but they don’t make them like that anymore. Wait a minute . . .Kokatat does!

my dry suit delaminated in two seasons of light use allowing an unacceptable amount of water to enter the torso/groin area. I washed it and put it away for a couple years then decided to pull it out and replace the gaskets. Sent it into Kokotat and they sent me a new one for the price of the gaskets. Still makes me wonder if Goretex laminate is appropriate for the use given the number of suits that delaminate.