Kokatat service shout out

I just got back my 10+ year old Kokatat Meridian back from the shop after some maintenance. I requested they redo the neck and wrist gaskets since I had done the last repair myself over the old gasket material and found it tricky to keep from making a mess. I also asked for a waterproof test.

When I got the suit back today I realized that they had also replaced the black cloth wrist cuffs and neck collar with new ones. My old ones were frayed a fair bit. This was not listed as part of the gasket repair that I requested so I presume it was done as a courtesy. I was not billed any extra.

All in all, a rather pleasing experience. Just another example of the many happy customers this company seems to make. I’m beginning to think that this suit will outlive its current owner.


Second that thought with the service I received.