Kokatat Sizing question

Do any of you know if Kokatat’s gear runs true to their charts or do they run small? The xxl stuff looks like it should fit me but if their stuff runs small I wont waste my time.


According to their charts,
I was precisely between a medium and a large.

And, in fact, both sizes fit me. I turn out to prefer a large, but used medium fine for many years.

So that suggests their sizing is pretty good.

One consideration is how much you’ll wear under it. If you’re paddling frozen waters, you’ll want to wear some thick fleece underneath. If you’re paddling 50 degree water, a thin layer will do fine, and you won’t need extra room.

Don’t forget to bleed the suit of air (just walk into the water and loosen an arm gasket) before paddling, so you don’t get strange Michelin man effects when upside down.

Also, treat your suit gently. When I sent one back recently they told me I’d worn it beyond belief.


I use an xxl and if your girth
ate in the middle of their charts it will absolutely fit you and enough polartec to keep you out of trouble in 35 degree water.

XXL Sizing

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I am an odd body type in that I have long arms/legs/torso, but don't weigh a lot of for my size (210 for 6' 6"). According to the chart, I could take a L all the way to and XXL, depending on which body part on the chart I use to fit me. That being said I usually get a XL or XXL.

What I found about XXL in their semi-dry tops, such as the RE-ACTION Jacket, is that the neck is pretty large. I am guess that the absolute min size to get a snug fit is 17". I have a 16 1/2 neck and found that the large opening was way too large in an XXL. I don't know about their latex XXL neck gaskets.

Aside from the neck dimensions, I think the XXL is pretty true to the size that they (Kokatat) advertise.

The BigYaker

I have a 53" chest and wear a XXL Outfit PFD. But I have a spray top, a Fjord, and a Destination shirt all in XL. Go figure.


Check out Stohlquist dry suits
They seem to be cut somewhat slimmer than Kokatat.

Another option would be to order a large or XL Kokatat with longer sleeves and legs.