kokatat surfskin vs Reeds Aquuatherm

Need Long sleeve top and bottom for use under drytop and for stand alone slalom ww runs in summer.

Which one provides more flexibility and warmth?



p.s> What about the thermoskin from Immersion research.

Neither? Maybe O’Neill Gooru or IR Union
I briefly owned a Kokatat Surfskin longlsleeve shirt, a Large (5’11" 170, wide shoulders), after liking and using the pants so much but found the wrist cuffs too tight on my skinny wrists (even though I prefer mostly their Medium stuff) and the long sleeves not flexible enough – I guess it’s designed to be tight wet wear on the outside and would feel somewhat tight and probably quite sweaty inside a dry top or suit. Aquatherm looks similar but less restrictive?

More comfy and warmer: Until I got my drysuit, my favorite piece of layering was my super-stretchy, super-flexible, comfy and warm O’Neill Gooru longsleeve shirt – surf industry neoprene is so wonderful these days. The XL fits me great and beats Hydroskin, Surfskin, Outercore, poly, fleece for cold water paddling but is very comfy, and also warmer than the others if you get wet.


I just got an Immersion Research Union Suit in Medium made of Polartec Power Strecth for my Koka Gore suit – sooo comfy, easy, smooth, and warm – might be nice under a dry top combined with good pants like SurfSkin. I’ll put a Koka Outercore fleece longsleeve on top of it for more warmth, and maybe long silk pants underneath if I ever need it?