Kokatat TecTour Jacket

I was given a Kokatat TecTour paddling jacket that fits me fine except I have very short arms for my size. Is there any place out there that can make alterations (shorten the sleeves) to an already manufactured jacket. Kokatat custom made my dry suit with shorter sleeves. I’ve sent them several e-mails inquiring about altering my jacket , but they’ve never replied. Is there any one else?

Anyone that does sewing or upholstery…
Should be able to do it. It doesn’t matter if it is already manufactured. Heck, send it to me & I will have my mom do it for you. She is 64, but can still thread a needle…lol

***Unless it is copyrighted to have sleeves that long & that long only!!***

Paddle easy,


yeah should be pretty simple
Especially as it is a paddling top and it doesn’t have to be completely water proof, you don’t have to be as meticulous. I say simply cut off the arms, overlap the material, sew it together, and Aquaseal the seam for good measure.

Go With A Specialist

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Both my wife and I sew (she on street clothes, myself on gear), and I can tell you that they are not the same.

Tech fabrics often have coatings that make some needle, thread, and tension combos not work.

Even though it is not a dry top you'll still want the sleeves to have taped seams, which only a specialty repairer can do.

There are a number on the web:




call them
I called them last week, they answered on the second ring and provided a RA# for a repair I needed.

Kokatat: (800) 225-9749


I’ve done alterations myself however with taped seams and wrist gaskets…this may be a little over my head.